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Sample Marketing for Past Listings

When marketing a property it is important to identify the most likely potential buyers, and then highlight features of the property that are likely to be attractive to those buyers. 

According to the National Association of Realtors, more than 70 percent of consumers start the buying process on line, 93 percent don't take the time to review a listing with no photo, and homes with six photos are viewed six times more frequently than those with no photos.

With these ideas in mind, I direct a great deal of time and energy towards marketing my listings over the Internet, taking time to select aspects of the property important to prospective buyers. I photograph the property to best demonstrate those features and write captions for them that further highlight the benefits of those features.

The result? Photo Galleries that fellow agents and buyers alike say help make my listings stand out from the others and make the decision to buy faster and easier. They also improve the chances of an offer at an attractive price. Below are some examples.

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Target Buyer: Upper middle income retired.
Objectives: The house has a wonderful water and mountain view and was beautifully decorated. My goal was to show how well the home utilized the view, the upscale extras it included and the ammenities available in the area.
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Waterfront Home

Target Buyer: One or two people, possibly with one child.
Objectives: The home was small with a unique multilevel design that made the occupants feel like they were right in the middle of the spectacular view. I wanted to be sure potential buyers could appreciate the view and how well the home captured it.
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Undeveloped View Land

Target Buyer: Two people, likely with a family.
Objectives: The property is in an area outside Poulsbo with beautiful pastoral settings. I wanted to impress upon the potential buyer that the water and mountain view was only part of the value. The peaceful setting was unique as well.
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Under Developed Waterfront Land 
Target Buyer: Two people with significant resources, possibly with a close extended family.
Objectives: The property is 4.38 acres and 311 feet of highbank west-facing waterfront outside Poulsbo on the Hood Canal.  There was a home on the property, but the land was what made it unique. I wanted the potential buyer to realize what a remarkable property this was, from the spectacular view to the lush grounds. In addition I wanted them to understand that the property had the unique ability to support a two-home family compound.
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Horse Property

Target Buyer: Two people, likely with a family.
Objectives: The property is on 2.5 acres set up for horses, entertaining and places for kids to have a good time. My goal was to show the property had much to offer: a lovely home and outstanding grounds.
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