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September 17 West Sound Real Estate Graphs

Posted on September 9, 2017


The graphs reached through the link below show the average market time, average list price and average selling price for homes over the past several years for North Kitsap County (NK), Southeast Jefferson County (SEJ) and Bainbridge Island (BI).

At the time these graphs were created, the average sales price as a percentage of the average list price for active listings in NK had increased to 74 percent. This same statistic increased to 65 percent for SEJ and decreased to 74 percent for BI.

For just those properties that sold, the average selling price as a percentage of the asking price at the time it was sold was at 100 percent for all three areas, indicating a strong market in all.

The average home selling prices in NK continued on an upward trajectory this month. The average asking price turned downward, suggesting that sellers were becoming more realistic after some over exuberance in pricing. In SEJ, the average selling price began to move upward again, and the asking began to level. In BI, both the average asking price and selling price moved downward after what had been a long upward run.

To view the graphs, click on the link below.

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